Welcome To Redwire Pvt. Ltd.

Redwire Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of high quality IT solutions and are highly regarded in the field of IT, established in 2012. Technology companies from all over depend on our expertise to render service and education to their businesses. Our team consists of technicians who have devout experience and knowledge that coincides with the latest technical innovations and IT Solutions in Nepal. We are equipped to handle the most complex challenges as they are presented in any technical format.

About Redwire

Within our area of operation, we’ve been able to establish Redwire as a renowned firm since its origin. We have always tried our best to prioritized client’s needs and requirements. Understanding needs, providing relevant and cost effective solutions within estimated time has always been an inspirational motto of our team who are always aspired for achieving outstanding and effective results. Keeping knowledge of the technology and utilizing the outcomes to solve client’s problem effectively are our priority. Being cooperative with our clients have provided us with the opportunity to improve our experience hence, encouraging us to always look forward for something new to learn.  Positive attitude towards our effort and a team filled with energy has always been our most liable assets. Thus, we believe in achieving our goals with a joint effort of our team’s knowledge and enthusiasm.